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Postoperative Care is as Important as Rhinoplasty

Surg. Harun Şimşek MD

Pay attention to these after the surgery;

1) After the surgery, breathe through your mouth until the splints are removed.

2) Consume water and light beverages to help alleviate the mouth dryness, do not use a straw.

3) Eat soft, easy-to-chew food.

4) Use lip creams to keep your lips moist.

5) Do not use aspirin or blood thinners.

6) Hold your head at a 30-degree angle while you are sleeping or resting.

7) Try to hold your head up during the day to protect your blood circulation and to help reduce the postoperative swelling.

8) Do not clean your nose by blowing and take care not to hit your nose.

9) Brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush.

10) After your surgery, avoid straining, bending, lifting heavy things (especially your small children) and avoid exercises and sport requiring effort for two weeks.

11) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a month and certainly use a sunscreen, especially in sunny environments.

12) Once the splints have been removed, clean your nose gently by applying the ointment prescribed for you on the cotton part of a cotton swab (bud) 2-3 times a day. Do not insert the cotton swab upwards your nostril.

13) Irrigate the inside of the nose with the nasal spray recommended by your doctor. Do not attempt to blow your nose for a week or two. When you have to sneeze and blow, do this gently with both nostrils open.

14) If you have to sneeze, sneeze while your mouth is open.

15) Do not wear glasses for three months after the surgery.