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Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery | Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey

Surg. Harun Şimşek MD


The breastfeeding ability of a woman after a breast reduction operation depends on to what extent the milk glands in the breast are removed and whether the remaining milk glands are still connected to the nipple.

The patient’s milk comes normally if a slight reduction has been performed and the milk glands are not removed too much. If a large portion of milk glands is removed, milk production will be less. In such case, the chance of breastfeeding is reduced. It is almost impossible to predict before the surgery to what extent milk loss will be. In very large breasts, the nipple is moved to its new position in the form of a skin patch and the patient cannot breastfeed since its connection with the milk glands is cut off.

The time between the surgery and breastfeeding is also important. The longer the time between breastfeeding and surgery is, the higher the patient’s chance of breastfeeding is. If you consider to breastfeed after the breast reduction, you should definitely tell your plastic surgeon about this and have a plan in accordance with that.


Patients underwent breast augmentation procedure maintain their ability to breastfeed their children after the operation. The incisions made in breast augmentation surgeries are planned under the regions where the majority of the milk glands are located. Therefore, there is usually no possibility of a damage to the milk glands in the technique carried out through the nipple. In breast augmentation surgeries performed through the breast fold, armpit or belly, there is no risk of injury to the milk ducts since the milk glands are not intervened and patients maintain their breastfeeding abilities after the surgery.