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Non-surgical Procedures


Microdermabrasion is a procedure which is carried out with the help of a special motor peeling away the problematic layer on the skin by a friction effect. By using this method, a portion of the epidermis and dermis is removed. It can be used in the treatment spots and fine wrinkles. During this process, the blood circulation is increased and the cell renewal is accelerated, providing a new, vigorous, smooth tissue development beneath the scrubbed area. Dermabrasion is a highly effective, reliable skin regeneration method.

The procedure can be performed under office conditions using local anaesthesia. For the purpose of moisturizing, it is necessary to apply a healing cream on the application area for a few days. Redness, swelling and peeling (desquamation) may occur during the healing period. During this period, make-up and sunbathing are unfavourable. Its use is not recommended in summer. The healing period is relatively long compared with other procedures but its effect is visible.

While dermabrasion procedure is carried out, the cell renewal is accelerated with the increase in blood circulation on the surface of the skin, thus a vigorous, fresh and smooth skin emerges. With all these features, dermabrasion is a highly effective and reliable skin regeneration technique. Local anaesthesia is administered to the application area during this procedure.

Since dermabrasion is a method of peeling, it is normal to have redness, small swellings and bruises on the application area after the session. These will soon heal spontaneously. Desquamation may also be seen after the redness recovers. During this period, it is undesirable to touch the skin, to sunbathe, to go to solarium and to make up. Therefore, this procedure is not recommended in summer.

The areas where microdermabrasion is used are fine wrinkles, skin spots, acne scars, stretch marks and open pores.