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Chin Augmentation (Implant) and Chin Reduction Surgery Antalya

Surg. Harun Şimşek MD

Cosmetic Chin Surgeries

The facial structures should be in harmony to be able to exhibit a normal and attractive appearance. In order to provide that, the forehead, nose, lips and chin should be proportional and in harmony with each other.

A short or narrow chin structure or slimness in its protrusion can be corrected by surgical procedures including a slight advancement of the tip of the chin. This method is frequently used with rhinoplasty, which is one of the surgical procedures reconstructing the existing facial proportions and a more attractive appearance is provided.

Another opposite condition, a protruding chin more than normal is another problem. The surgical procedure here includes the reduction of the chin. A longer healing period is expected compared with patients who have a receding chin.

A variety of prostheses suitable for the individual can be implanted in the front portion of the bone using incisions made under the chin and inside the mouth. Prostheses cannot be noticed visually and by touch. In some cases, the patient’s own bone tissue or fat tissue taken from the body is used as prostheses.

These operations can be performed under local anaesthesia or sedation. The duration of the operation ranges from half an hour to one hour.

Postoperative pain, bruise may occur. A non-compressive bandage is used during the postoperative period and removed on the 3rd day. The sutures are removed within 3-5 days. A week later, the patient returns to normal life very easily.