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Ear Correction Surgery Turkey: Protruding Ears (Prominent or Bat Ear)

Surg. Harun Şimşek MD

Surgical Correction of Prominent Ears

2 main problems arises with prominent ears. The first is that the ear lobe (auricle) stands entirely away from the skull base, and the second is that the second fold that should develop parallel to the outermost ear fold inside the ear has not developed. Both of these may be present concurrently or separately.

The development of the ear, unlike other tissues of the body, reaches 90% of its adult size around the age of 6. The prominent ear is a source of distress that psychologically pushes children during childhood. It may become an object of derision, it may affect the self-confidence of a child. Therefore, it is possible to correct deformities and aesthetic problems of the ear by the age of 6.

The aim of the surgical procedure is to bring the ear lobe close to the head and to make it oblique. The fold of the ear is increased and ensured to be more oblique by rasping the cartilage, removing a portion of it through the incisions hidden behind the ear and by reshaping it with sutures. This surgery, performed under local anaesthesia during adulthood and adolescence, is performed under general anaesthesia and operating room conditions in children.

Bandage should be used for 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

There is no need for removing sutures since absorbable sutures are used. A quite minimal pain arises. Following a few days of rest, patients can return to their normal lives.

Infection, healing with a swollen scar (hypertrophic scar), blood accumulation under the skin (hematoma) and recurrence of the ear deformity are rare complications.